James R. Woody
(606) 682-4318

​                                                                                     Hair: Salt & Pepper      Eyes:  Brown        Weight:  210           Height: 6' 1"      


                   Secrets in Suburbia                                 Party Guest                                       Director:   Damian Romay
                   Mom and Dad                                            Doctor                                                  Director:   Brian Taylor


  The Sound of Music                              Captian Von Trapp                  SBC & the Community Players                      Dr. C.C. Kinnision
  The Wizard of  OZ                                  Tinman/ Hickory                      SBC & the Community Players                     Dr. C.C. Kinnision
  The Music Man                         Olin Britt/ Barbershop Quartet      SBC & the Community Players                     Dr. C.C. Kinnision
  The Secret Garden                                 Archibald Craven                    SBC & the Community Players                     Dr. C.C. Kinnision
           1776                                                  Richard Henry Lee                     SBC & the Community Players                     Dr. C.C. Kinnision
  The Mouse Trap                                         Giles Ralston                           SBC & the Community Players                     Dr. C.C. Kinnision
  Our Town                                                        Dr. Gibbs                                 SBC & the Community Players                     Dr. C.C. Kinnision
  The Ghost Train                                       Saul Hodgkin                             SBC & the Community Players                     Dr. C.C. Kinnision   
   Kiss and Tell                                               Bill Franklin                               SBC & the Community Players                     Dr. C.C. Kinnison
   Oliver                                                            Mr. Bumble                                The Playground Theatre                                  Jonathan Hibbard
   Death of a Doornail                                 Narrator                                    The Playground Theatre                                  Heather Dyche

VOICE- OVER:                                          Commercials                              Symbiosis Media Group LLC
                                                                            Audiobook                                   " Grace, The Early Years"
                                                                            Clients                                             Marriott  International

TRAINING:                                                 Vin Morreale,                           Burning up the stage workshop                  Memorization Techniques

Special Skills:                                           Character voices,  Southern Gospel Quartet , coal mine inspector,  motorcyclist , guitarist,
                                                                          public speaker